Liz's Stata Guide


Graphing the Regression Line

One of the most common graphs people want to make is to add the regression line to a scatter plot of the data. This example shows how you can easily do this in Stata. ... see the example

Interaction Terms

This example considers interactions between independent variables in cross tabs and regressions. ... see the example

Modelling Binary Dependent Variables

What do you do if your dependent variable is binary? For example, what if we want to model the effect of the age of the respondent on whether or not the household owns a TV. This example goes through three different ways to do this (linear probability, logit and probit) and compares and graphs the different models. ... see the example

Fixed Effects

There are multiple ways of implementing a fixed effects regression in Stata -- make your own dummy variables, use the prefix xi, use the commands areg or xtreg, or employ techniques such as demeaning or first differences. This example goes through these different ways and discusses the advantages and disadvantages of each. ... see the example

last modified: 30 April 2007