Liz's Stata Guide

.ado Files

Fits a linear regression with muliple fixed effects.
aareg vary varx, a(catvar1 catvar2)
Download aareg.ado (modified 13 Nov 2007)

Calculates a difference in differences estimator.
dind vara1 vara2 varb1 varb2   - or -
dind var, over(bvar1 bvar2)
Download dind.ado (modified 2 Oct 2007)

Does multiple tests on difference in differences estimators
ddd stub1 stub2, i(infix1 infix2) p(postfix1 postfix2)  - or -
ddd var1 var2, over(bvar1 bvar2)
Download ddd.ado (modified 4 Oct 2007)

Fits a logit model and displays marginal effects.
dlogit vary varx
Download dlogit.ado (modified 2 May 2007)

Does a T-test correcting for survey parameters.
svyttest var1 var2  - or -
svyttest var, by(bvar)
Download svyttest.ado (modified 1 Oct 2007)

Does multiple F-tests (or series of T-tests). (Replaces ttt, ttt3g etc.)
tabletest stub1 stub2 stub3, p(postfix1 postfix2   - or -
tabletest var, by(bvar)
Download tabletest.ado (modified 20 Nov 2008)

Compares two to four categorical variables that take on similar values.
tabcomp var1 var2
Download tabcomp.ado (modified 8 Oct 2007)

For each value of a variable, lists all the values that a second variable takes on.
tablist var1 var2
Download tablist.ado (modified 31 Oct 2007)

Lists all the values taken on by a variable.
vallist var
Download vallist.ado (modified 30 Oct 2007)

last modified: 20 Nov 2008