Liz's Stata Guide


I love Stata. I hope this guide will help you use it and love it too.

This guide is currently under construction. Places where content is missing or sections need to be rewritten are noted.

Purpose and Intended Audience

This is not intended to be a comprehensive guide to Stata -- it obviously does not cover every Stata command and doesn't even cover every option of the commands that are included. This guide has three main audiences:

Examples and Graphs

I created the examples and graphs using Stata/SE 9.2 on the dataset "nps-2005_example" and using the graphics scheme s1mono. The dataset is subset of the dataset "nps-2005" which is data from a household survey (National Public Services 2005) conducted by the Institutional Reform and Capacity Building Project in Sierra Leone in February / March 2005. You can download the dataset here: nps_example.dta.

If you are interested in actually using the full dataset or other data collected by IRCBP, see

All the examples and graphics should be fairly easily replicated, let me know if you find any discrepancies. Graphics were saved as Windows metafiles, then compressed for webpages and exported as jpegs using Microsoft Office Picture Manager.

About the Webpage

The pages were created by me handwriting the html and css code using vi (specifically, WinVi which is an ugly but functional free vi-compatible text editor for those of us stuck using windows.)

last modified: 16 Sept 2008