Job Market Websites

I make quick, cheap, simple job market websites for grad students. Pick the option and design you want. Email me the text you want for the website, any documents, images etc. I'll make you a webpage. If you let me know your password, I'll put the site up on your school's server; otherwise I'll point you to the directions for how to do it yourself. I live in Sierra Leone, and have a very bad internet connection, so if you send me images, re-size/compress them yourself and don't send me any file over 5 mb. You can pay me by mailing a check to my mom. I write nice clean html, so it's easy for you make changes to the text later, link to later versions of papers etc. It's very easy to add links to documents (pdfs, docs) or to external sites (your department, your advisor). Adding a lot of pictures, or making big changes to the layout, or fancy things like drop-down menus are more time-consuming and will cost you extra.


Examples: Some examples of websites I've done:


Contact: Email me at

Sharing: If you know anything about html/css you can copy the files from the examples and modify them to make your own website very easily. Feel free to do so. Pass it on and at the same time make a website for a friend who's too broke to pay me $50.